Brewing a New Way to Be

zen wallpaper

This year has absolutely stopped most of us in our tracks.

But perhaps it is because we needed to stop, rest, regenerate and brew a new way to be.

The first lockdown brought most of us in a state of shock. And yet, the sun was shining and most of us suddenly had a lot more time to spend with family, enjoy long walks and really bathe in the beauty of nature.

2020 has at times felt like being on a see-saw, moving up and down and all around through an array of emotions fluctuating from peace and serenity to fear, anxiety, frustration, isolation and even hopelessness.

As time went on, we found new ways to adapt to this unusual situation and we realised what was essential to our individual wellbeing and what we could let go of.

Most of us discovered creative avenues we had never got a chance to explore before. We took stock, retrained and, in the midst of it all, discovered an inner strength we had until then been unaware of.

This year brought us face to face with our own impermanence. Many of us acknowledged that the only way to cope is to stay in the now.  A lot of time and energy is wasted living in the past or the future, it just make us nostalgic or anxious. No matter how challenging our current situation might be, by adopting a mindful approach to each day, concentrating on living the best day we can, leaving the past where it belongs, and not rushing forward into the future, we can cope with anything.

We also realised how deeply connected we are to each other, and the butterfly effect one’s action can have on many others.

As we were deprived of seeing our loved ones, taking part in our favourite activities and hobbies that usually cushioned the rawness of our being, we craved kindness, gentleness and compassion and we learned to do this for ourselves.

Faced with uncertainty, we realised the preciousness of each moment, the futility of some of our previous pursuits and began to brew a new way to be.

This Christmas, let us restore a sense of peace, as we connect with our own intuition and create a feel good factor. 

Let us make space in our lives, to release stress and reconnect with our inner light.

This can be facilitating by coming to a quiet space within ourselves through Meditation and Mindfulness.

And so, it is with great pleasure that I am inviting you to join me for an online Winter Solstice celebration Sunday morning December 20th @ 10 am. 

I will lead you in to Meditation to connect with inner guidance and bring the light into the darkness. This will be followed by a virtual cup of tea and chats. Let me know if you are interested  and I will send you the zoom link.

Meanwhile, if you are struggling, or if you want to treat yourself or a loved one to a nurturing or healing session, feel free to contact me.

Wishing you love and compassion, peace and serenity this Christmas.

Om Shanti