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Inner Gift



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Inner Gift
By Marie Angeline


About the Author

Marie Angeline Lascaux has been published in a variety of newspapers and magazines and has appeared on a number of radio shows as well as national television. Her productions include
a holistic radio programme for twelve years, a Healing Meditation CD, two Yoga DVDs and four documentaries.

In Inner Gift, Marie Angeline Lascaux offers effective techniques and audio-visual meditations to move
from Stress to Love and Gratitude in 14 easy chapters.

Reviews for Inner Gift

“This works. Oibríonn Seo. These meditations are particularly helpful at times like this.” —Ronan O’Snodaigh, KILA

“Marie-Angeline is a truly gifted, yet practical, spiritual guide and healer. In this book she shares grounded and valuable lessons on how to reclaim peace and health, especially helpful in times of stress and turbulence. The guided meditations are a beautiful unique bonus, offering the reader a chance to stop, let go and be tenderly guided to a place of inner stillness and clarity.” —C. O’Loughlin, Wicklow

“For over 25 years, Marie Angeline has shared her Healing gifts with thousands of people. I have gained much insight and self- awareness from working with her. With this book, she helps us to recognise ourselves in her stories and gives us the tools to heal ourselves. How empowering!” —Caroline Sweeney, Coaching for Results, Dublin


Chapter 1: From Stress to Freedom
Chapter 2: Developing Inner Calm
Chapter 3: Breaking the Pattern
Chapter 4: Gaining Inner Wisdom
Chapter 5 Overwhelmed? Breathe
Chapter 6: Stress and Sex
Chapter 7: Recovering a Sense of Self
Chapter 8: Healing Trauma
Chapter 9: Looking after your Energy
Chapter 10: Setting Boundaries
Chapter 11: Letting Go
Chapter 12: Soul Food
Chapter 13: Unleash your Creativity
Chapter 14: Gratitude

 Inner Gift comes with 10 audio-visual meditations:

1. Body Scan
2. Peace Meditation
3. Straw Breathing
4. Let it all Go
5. Loving Kindness
6. Candle Gazing
7. Sensing your Energy
8. Protective Filter
9. Violet Light
10. Forest Walk

5 audio visual illustrations:

1. Grounding
2. Claim your Space
3. No/Enough
4. HA Breath
5. Lion(ness)