Empower Yourself
with Mentoring and Training

Do you feel depleted, stuck in old patterns,
and unclear on how to move forward?
Work with me to empower yourself, to maintain clarity and focus and to avoid stress and burn-outs with the courses we offer.

Work with me to empower yourself, to maintain clarity and focus and to avoid stress and burn-outs with the courses we offer.

One-on-one mentoring and training in  holistic therapies could be the answer to managing your own stress, wellness and overall health in the long term. Learning to practice these wellness and stress management techniques will help you reach a turning point in your life, letting you take control of your well-being, as you help others to lead a more relaxed, centred and complete life.

Be relaxed

Stay centered

Feel complete



Let me guide you to recognise what depletes you and what recharges your batteries, clear blocks, release trapped energy, set clear boundaries and reconnect with your Soul's Purpose. As a mentor, my role is to assist you in tapping into your inner resources and creating a new reality for yourself; to rebuild your confidence, and teach you how to make your dreams into being. As you invest in your own well-being, you reclaim a sense of control over your body, your energy and your state of mind and you learn to put your energy into what you really want.

The Artist Way

Would you like to dissolve anxiety as you remove the blocks that prevent your creativity flowing? To release stress and unleash your creative talents as you rediscover your inner flow? To relax as you allow yourself to reconnect with your dreams and bring them into being? This course is based on Julia Cameron best seller "The Artist Way", a course in discovering and recovering your creative self. It will enable you to recover a sense of Safety, Identity, Power, Integrity, Possibility, Abundance, Connection, , Compassion, Self-Protection, Autonomy and Faith.

New course September 2023

the artist way
reiki training

Reiki Training

Would you like to be a Reiki healer?

You can become a channel for the Reiki energy within you, through attunements or initiations. These cleanse and activate a channel for the healing energy in you and empower you to literally take your healing in your own hands. Learn how to channel healing energy and activate your body's natural abilities to heal. You will also learn to cleanse, expand and protect your energy field and how to support friends and family members on their healing journey.

New course September 2023


Holistic Massage Training

Would you like to learn how to assist your partner, friends or children to relax and feel pampered, nurtured and energized? To enable them to release stress in a gentle, nurturing way and assist their body's natural recovery capabilities? With holistic massage training, you will learn to give and receive a healing massage combining classical strokes from Swedish massage with the healing and nurturing touch of a compassionate and deeply caring approach. You will be shown how to create a safe, nurturing space for each other and to use the power of touch healing and embodied presence to assist your loved ones to feel restored and replenished.


hollistic massage
shamanism kilkenny

Introduction to Shamanism

New course starting September 2023

These last couple of years, our lives have been turned upside down. This had been predicted in ancient prophecies as a cycle of death and rebirth for our planet.

This course will enable you to release the stress caused by the dissolution of the world as we knew it and it will equip you with tools to raise your vibration in tune with this emerging new world.

In raising your awareness, you will awaken out of the materialistic world as your consciousness evolves towards a state of peace, harmony, joy, love, compassion, and grace.

You will learn how to:

  • Enter a state of altered consciousness where you can receive healing and access your own intuition
  • Connect with spirit guides and power animals to draw strength and inner guidance
  • Remain in tune with the natural rhythm of your body and the Celtic wheel of the year
  • Use dance to bring healing and clarity
  • Connect with the energy of the land
  • Find your power place
  • Protect, cleanse and expand your energy 
  • Develop a program of wellness for yourself
  • Enhance your own and someone else’s healing journey



“Marie Angeline is a true healer, really passionate and has an amazing knowledge about Reiki which she shares with the group with loads of hands on practice. I found the two days gave me treat healing personally and I left feeling a sense of calm I had never experienced before. I hope to share the gift Marie Angeline has passed on to me to help others in my life. Thank you for making the weekend so special and for passing on this wonderful gift.”