Intuitive Healing

Intuitive healing is a healing which blends together various techniques including working with divine guidance and is tailored to the needs of the client. When I see you for the first time we first sit down for a consultation to get a feel for what is most appropriate within the current circumstances of your current circumstances. This includes current symptoms as well as medical history. We set a clear intention for the healing and we decide on the best approach for this particular session.


Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient art of using the universal life force to activate our potential for self-healing, for becoming whole. It is easy to use, natural and a very powerful tool in our spiritual enfolding. Reiki connects us with the source and the essence of life. It deepens our awareness of our divine essence. It strengthens our intuition and our clarity. It releases emotional blockages, It releases stress and creates deep relaxation, It activates the body's natural ability to heal itself.



Holistic Massage

Would you like to feel pampered, nurtured and energized? Holistic Massage combining intuitive healing, Reiki and Aura-Soma with traditional massage to create a place within yourself where your body can truly heal. This treatment is gentle and nurturing and will leave you feeling restored and replenished.


Cutting of Ties

Cutting of Ties is a specific healing technique that enables you to release stress by freeing yourself from the negative impact people or situations have on your life. You can cut the ties with family members, past or present lovers, friends, work colleagues, clients... The beauty is that you don’t have to end those relationships, you are only cutting the negative impact , thereby creating space for the positive side of these relationships to blossom. In some cases, when a relationship has ended or the relationship is entirely negative, it may give you the strength to move on... This technique can also be useful if you who have been bereaved, suffered a miscarriage, or had to give up on a dream.. It can also be applied to behavioural patterns, negative thoughts, addictions, childhood traumas illnesses... anything that causes you to feel drained or unhappy... If you feel this could be useful for you, get in touch. The  Cutting of the ties  procedure can be done in person or online. “Cutting of the Ties” involves a blend of intuitive healing and visualization infused with Reiki, Seichem and Shamanic influences I will help you fill the void with positive energy, balance your chakras, and wrap you in a protective cocoon of colour light to seal and protect your aura. This is a gentle yet powerful technique, the positive effects of which is usually felt immediately.


cutting of ties

Soul Retrieval

The term Soul Retrieval comes from the Shamanic tradition. When a person suffers a shock, loss or trauma, it is believed that soul parts remained “frozen” in time and need to be retrieved to enable the person to move on and live their life to the fullI.  

This Soul loss usually manifests as an overwhelming feeling of being disconnected or incomplete.  

This is because a part your vital essence separates from you in order to escape the full impact of the pain caused by the trauma and survive the experience.

 If you feel this could be the case for you, get in touch. The soul retrieval procedure can be done in person or online.

 I will assist you in this process and I will advise on how to create a healthy environment for the soul part to return successfully  as well as establishing self-care techniques that will enhance and support the work we will be doing  together. This integration procedure is crucial and will create a feel-good factor.