Journey through the Chakras with Healing Yoga and Aura-Soma

This course is an exploration of the seven major energy centers in our body through mindfulness exercises, traditional yoga practices, breathing, colours and sound.

October 2013 : Muladhara

November: Svadisthana

January: Manipura

February: Anahata

March: Vishuddha

April: Ajna

May: Sahasrara

This course

The greatest gift you can give another human being is the gift of witnessing. You can literally witness someone into being. This is where true healing occurs. The biggest challenge however is to be able to do this for yourself.

Prior to my healing journey, my life echoed the TV screens when they first appeared in our sitting rooms: black, white and different shades of grey.

As I started to heal, a whole range of colours emerged slowly, gradually, and the caterpillar that had crawled close to the ground all her life discovered wings that enable her to reach for the sky, light and free.

The Aura-Soma Colour System acted as a powerful trigger in assisting me to lift the veil and reveal a world filled with colours and beauty.

My Aura-soma journey began in 1996 with the Aura-Soma Quintessence of St Germain, the keeper of the violet flame which greatly assisted me in my letting go process. I came across the book about the violet flame written by Elizabeth Clare-Prophet and found the visualisations and affirmations quite powerful in transmuting energy not just within myself but all around me. I discovered that hhealers and alchemists have used this high-frequency spiritual energy to bring about energetic balance and spiritual transformation and that applying the practical techniques in Violet Flame helped to create harmony, balance and positive change—in body, mind and soul.

It helped to free up my own energy and cut myself free from the ties of an unhappy marriage and step more clearly into my role of assisting others onto their own spiritual journey.

I learned that every experience can be viewed as a curse or as a blessing depending on my viewpoint.

Combining the St Germain quintessence with this work enabled me to transmute a lot of the pain, hurt, fears, anxiety and confusion into clarity, love and light.

I discovered that using the combined energy of the violet flame and St Germain quintessence enabled me to change negative energy into positive energy, and to heal emotional problems, improve relationships and bring more light into my life. And I am not talking just metaphorically. I began to notice the aura around people and plants and began to notice that when I was using Aura-Soma products and visualization, the light increased.

Since then, I have in turn been using the concept of the violet flame in all my classes and workshops. The St Germain quintessence really support that works and lot of Reiki teachers work with this quintessence because they find that it assist them in keeping their own energy clear when working with clients and to transmute the clients’ energy during a healing session.

As part of the Reiki training, I learned to perform “cutting of the ties” and the St. Germain quintessence is very useful in performing this ritual with the client. I can actually feel it in a very physical way when I call in St Germain and use the quintessence to support my work. My hands are guided exactly to where the ties are located and I am shown how to proceed to free up the energy for the person lying on the plinth.

At the end of the session, the client often refers to having seen violet or purple and they always feel lighter as if a huge weight had been lifted from them – which is literally what I do with the help of the violet flame.

When I was initiated into Reiki, I was introduced to the Pink Pomander which at the time felt like drinking an elixir of love that radiated through each and every cell of my body and beyond the boundaries of my body into the energy field around me, which in turn could reach others: a bubble of love…..

I discovered that by filling and surrounding myself with the energy of unconditional love, it created a different mirror for myself in the world around me. Until then I often had felt scared, and had received a lot of abuse at all levels. Somehow the pink pomander helped me to diffuse the anger that had been fired at me and to begin the process of getting to know and love myself.

Right from the start, I have been using the Aura-Soma products as part of every healing session. Working with the Aura-Soma colours combined with visualisation can really help to revitalise and invigorate us.

I have discovered that my energy is very fine which on the plus side enables me to do the work I do, but it also means that I need some kind of filter, or protection, to prevent myself absorbing all the negativity that is being released during the sessions.

As part of our Reiki training, we were taught a visualisation which included colours too and the relationship with Aura-Soma was clear to me from the start. Working with colours give us a language for the intuitive mind to be expressed in a manner that can be more easily accessed by the client and it also helps to keep my own energy field clearer. When my own energy field feels depleted or when I feel I need additional protection, I call in and visualise one by one all the colours of the pomanders forming a filter of protection around me I add a ray of silver, gold and rainbow for good measure which means I have a total of 18 filters around me. This really seems to work for me. I use this system as well when I am away from home. In the past I used to worry about the children, my home, the pets etc…. Now I visualise these auras of protection all around them. Not only does it help me to relax but it genuinely creates auras of light and protection around the people and places I have included in my visualisation.

When I first saw the full collection of the Aura-Soma equilibriums, I stood in awe, like a child in a candy shop. There were over 100 combinations.

Humpty Dumpty in particular made an impact on me. I began to understand all the different ways in which my body leaked energy each day, through my work, my children, the stress of modern day living and all the traumas I still carried within my body.

Humpty Dumpty helped me to draw the energy back from all the places where it had escaped over time and to gather myself back into my own centre, just below the navel. Orange is of course the colour associated with the sacral chakra, our feeling centre which reminds us to connect more deeply with all our senses and to embody ourselves more fully as a sensual being.

I was struck by Vicky Wall story and how the first Aura-Soma bottle came into being. It always fascinated me that someone who had actually lost her sight was able to create such a powerful, beautiful, colourful System with the amazing positive vibrations I have come to really rely on more and more.

As time went on and I began to trust more and more in my own intuitive mind, it made increasing sense to me that as Vicky eyesight decreased her ability to see beyond increased.

Over the years, I found the Aura-soma Colour System very supportive of my energy and I felt drawn to share it with everyone who crossed my path.

In my little studio in Sandyford, the Aura-Soma Colour System has become a daily ritual and a welcome addition to the natural healing that comes from our yoga practice and it set a special tone to the classes and the healing meditation at the end of each class

The focus of my work is on Connection: connecting with our body, our breath and the colours of our Aura, gives us a clearer sense of our energy, what is needed to bring us back into balance and the necessary tools to find inner peace.

Without colours, life would be dull, boring, grey and sad.

The Aura-Soma Colour System has made my life more colourful and this in turn has brought a smile to my face and a lightness of being I hadn’t experienced before.

From the very beginning the Aura-Soma Colour System and body work have been linked in my work both at a deeply personal level and with my students and clients.

For the last sixteen years, I have been using the Aura-Soma Colour system as part of my daily routine. The bottles are on permanent display in my studio and all my friends and students can benefit from their wonderful energy.

Facing the bottles each day helps me to re-centre myself and connect with a part of me that is so deeply anchored within myself that I cannot always access it when I am rushing about juggling with the daily tasks of modern day living.

Taking time to stop and reconnect is not simply a nice thing to do. It is an absolute necessity.

Amidst the chaos of these changing times, it feels good to be reminded of the simplicity of my true essence and the impact of nurturing the most gentle and delicate part of my being.

When I find myself at a crossroads, unsure of the most beneficial road to follow, when I am facing difficult circumstances and find myself physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually drained, when I feel low in myself, when I have lost my spark, my drive, it is clearly time to stop, step out of the merry go round and take a deep breath. I have learned to anticipate all this and make time accessible for myself each day to reconnect and replenish because if I don’t my body will present a symptom which will then force me to step out of the madness, take stock, re-evaluate, change gear, and redirect my course.

I find the Aura-Soma Colour System such a precious tool which has infiltrated every aspect of my life from the time I wake up till I go to sleep.

It helps me to stay connected with my creativity, allowing it to free more easily, and to feel supported in my teaching, creative projects, and daily tasks, through the colours. It gives me a language to bring what I know intuitively into a broader consciousness from which decision making becomes an easier process because I am responding to an inner calling and centred place within myself.

More importantly it helps to protect my own energy so I can continue to sense very deeply without absorbing what my students and clients are releasing.

I find the Aura-Soma Colour System very supportive of my work and the subtlety of my energy field. The more opened I am to my intuitive mind and the spirit world, the more crucial it becomes to gather resources as well as placing filters of protection around myself .

Taking time to tune in each day through the use of the Aura-soma Colour System and protect my own energy makes a huge difference to my own vibration and how I respond to others, especially at challenging times.

Peeling away all the distractions and connecting more intensely with my aura through the colours helps to bring clarity and insight into my daily life, receive guidance as to what the next step in my journey is, what my own needs are, and how I can best achieve the challenging task of marrying my physical reality with my spiritual practice, building a permanent bridge between the seen and the unseen. The time I spend in this way is always received as a boost for my energy field and has at times it has really helped me to reach a turning point in my healing journey, tapping into the abundance of my own inner resources and all the support that is available to me and acting as catalyst, propelling me in the direction that is of greatest benefit to me at that time remain calm, centred and focussed amidst chaos and continue to be a clear channel through which the energy of love and light can continue to flow in abundance and ripple out into every aspect of my life and those who chose to walk on the same path.

Students who attend classes and workshops in my studio are greeted with the Aura-Soma colour System and it is such a wonderful way to start our session together. The use of colours enhances the experience and promotes harmony and a sense of having been nurtured at a very deep level.

I feel very privileged to have access to such a profoundly healing and transforming body of work, combining movement, breath, colours and light.

When my students arrive I invite them to let go of the mind, tune into their breath, and allow the breath to soften and to move deeper and connect with the Star inside their belly while facing the Aura-Soma stand. As they do so they are connecting with that centred place within and it is from that place that they make their selection.

Sometimes we work with a bottle, sometimes a pomander or quintessence and sometimes the selection is made from the rescue set.

When we work with Aura-Soma bottles in the context of a Yoga class or Reiki gathering, we usually sit in a circle with our bottle in front of us. I invite my students to centre themselves with the spine nice and straight, the crown lifted towards the light and their eyes resting softly on their chosen bottle.

I then invite them to part their lips to release their jaws and reconnect with their breath, inviting the breath to move deeper and softer. I then invite them to breathe in the colours from the bottle one at the time, closing their eyes to receive the gift from this colour, trusting the choice they made. Then I invite them to breathe both colours and close their eyes and either make the bottle bigger and dive into it or make it smaller and bring it inside their heart chakra.

I then bring them back to open their eyes again and imagine the bottle could speak what would it say to them.

This exercise gives us a vocabulary to access parts of the subconscious mind, tune into what is going on inside and stay present.

Students usually find the direct link between how they feel on that day themselves and what their body needs.

I usually tailor my classes to the needs of the clients as expressed by them and as perceived by me during this tuning in.

For example, if a there is a lot of green chosen that day, I know that I need to focus a little bit more on the heart chakra. And so we start with bringing the breath more deeply into the chest, closing the eyes and connecting with the energy of our heart, the heartbeat, the rhythm of the breath in and out of the chest and how it feels to be in our heart at that given moment. Moving on to the stretches, I then focus on those that help with this heart connection. Because green is also about space and boundaries, I then move on to exercises which I have devised for my students combining movement, breath and visualisation to own our own space and create healthy boundaries for ourselves. We end the class with the cat stretch which is very much about opening the heart and retrieve into our own centre.

At the end of the class, during the deep relaxation, once I have guided them to relax each part of their body, I centre in the heart guiding them to notice how it feels like in their heart and what it is within their heart that longs to be expressed.

Students often report that they can feel the energy of their heart as it opens and that become more aware of what it is within their heart that is calling their attention. I have witnessed some amazing changes in my students over the years.

Coordinating movement and breath with an awareness of their own energy field and the colours of their Aura facilitates a greater awareness of the subtle energies of their body thereby deepening their experience and their connection with what it is within themselves that requires healing and the channels through which the wisdom of their body can be accessed and healing received.

Movement provides the physiological release that we need to bring our body back into balance and the positive vibrations produced through the combined connection of movement, breath, colours and awareness can alter the chemistry of our brain and bring deep healing to body mind and spirit.

Stillness is always the key….. It is where we can renew, reconnect with our own inner guidance.

Magic can really happen when we allow ourselves to breathe, to relax into the present moment and to open our hearts to the beauty that surrounds us each and every day.

This is mirrored so beautifully in the Aura-Soma Colour system and the ritual of choosing our bottles can assist us in finding that quiet place within ourselves and then bring that deeper connection into our movements, which in turn allows us to renew, re-energise and refill our cup so that it may continue to flow onward and outward with positive vibrations.

Our Body has infinite wisdom and the colours of our Aura are reflected beautifully through the selection we make. Gradually as we become more and more in tune with the language of our body and soul as it reveals itself to us.

I have devised a system to assist my students to connect with their own energy field, sense it, cleanse it, allow it to expand and place boundaries or filters of protection around them. I usually invite them to choose an Aura-Soma pomander and I always find that intuitively they select the one that is most appropriate for where are at, at that particular time. Having applied the pomander, I guide them into a visualisation through which they are connecting with their body, their breath, the feelings and sensations within their body, and the energy field around them. The colour of the pomander they chose is then used to create a filter of protection around them. We then follow this up by a series of movements to claim our space, create physical boundaries for ourselves and feel more centred and energised as a result.

The Ascended Masters pictures are displayed permanently on the chimney breast, facing the students. From time to time, I invite them to choose a quintessence based on the picture to which they are most drawn, and this is then used to open their energy at the beginning of a class. It is my experience that this deepens the process and enables the students to reconnect with a place within themselves that had been buried so deep they had almost forgotten it was there.

When the students are feeling particularly vulnerable whether physically or emotionally, we take out the Rescue set and again I trust their own intuition in choosing the rescue bottle most suited to their needs. They love massaging the oil on their skin. It brings a sense of deep nurturing in the class and these classes are usually of a gentler nature, moving slower, at turtle pace to access an even deeper sense of awareness and connection. This practice can truly sustain your body, mind and spirit, as you gradually allow the colours and vibrations experienced in class to filter into every aspect of your life.

The Aura-Soma colour system opens a doorway through which the students can connect more deeply within themselves and with each other, slowly building a new community where they feel seen, heard, and accepted as they are and where they can allow themselves to simply be.

At the end of each class, I sit in front of the bottles, pomanders or quintessences that were chosen by the students at the beginning of the class and include the colours and keywords that flow through me in this way throughout the guided meditation for the benefit of the students.

My role is to bring the information I received into something tangible that can easily be grasped, understood and experienced by those in search of inner peace and to allow them to realise that peace comes as a result of making time for yourself and connecting with your truth.

The dolphin energy is one with which I have been working actively right from the beginning. Turquoise is very much part of my own energy field and I have a close relationship with Archangel Raphael. The Shamanic Yoga Dance and Creativity group, I have been leading every second week for the last 15 years, combining playfulness, communication, freedom, intuition and healing, is a wonderful place to experience the dolphin energy. We begin the evening with a centring exercise to come more fully into our body. I gradually guide the students in a body awareness exercise prior to free-flowing to world music. Having connected to our breath and allowed it to move deeper, we begin to bring our body into slow motion, feeling a rippling movement in our fingers and toes and allowing a wave of awakening to spread to our wrists and ankles, forearms and lower legs, elbows and knees, upper arms and thighs, hips and shoulders, head & neck, spine: the whole body limbering and stretching. Having chosen their Aura-Soma Colour prior to the dance they can then allow their body to embody that colour and allow this colour to dance through their body. I then lead a guided meditation/visualisation gradually bringing in the trigger for the writing exercise.

Often this trigger can be moving through the chakras: exploring one chakra per week from the root to the crown, connecting colour, sound, movement and breath and all the qualities linked in with these colours and how they relate to each specific chakra.

I have found over the years that each chakra and each colour brings in a different story. The sacral chakra for example often brings in deep emotional issues rooted either in childhood or sometimes even in past lives. By giving it an expression through our dance, writing and sharing, we release some of the imprints left in our energy field by the shock or trauma experienced initially. Applying the Humpty Dumpty Rescue combined with some energy work can assist the student if the experience feels overwhelming.

Together we create a sacred space where we trust each other enough to share through our writing a little window of soul which has been made more accessible to us through the use of colour and movement. Sometimes it is a poem or the beginning of a novel, sometimes it feels a bit like a written meditation and sometimes more like journaling. Tears of joy and sadness can often be expressed and often writing can be a powerful vehicle towards making us aware of where we are, what is needed and what we are longing for.

In removing the blocks to our creativity we are addressing the internal longing to withdraw from the external world and unravel what lies beneath the surface in our own inner world and increasing our chances to reach our full potential and the Aura-Soma can really support that work as it often acts as the starting point, the trigger to the language of our soul.

It gives us an opportunity to get in touch with all the feelings and sensation within ourselves and to really listen in and be present to ourselves, as we are, and this can be a valuable tool when we find ourselves at a crossroads in our lives, trying to decide on the best direction to follow. We learn to read the signals of our body with more and more accuracy and to hear the internal messages prompting us into action. Slowing down is perhaps the most important gift we can give to ourselves. Through this ability to remain present, we find the quality of the royal blue present in Archangel Raphael’s bottle as well as in the dolphin: a sense of deep peace and an emerging of serenity.

Since January 1998 I have been preparing expecting mothers for labour and birth through Yoga. Giving birth is possibly the most empowering experience a woman will ever have. It is in my opinion the key to entering into your own power as a woman. Having successfully walked through the hot coals of labour, when you have dived into the fire of this birthing miracle with faith and integrity, when you have succeeded in creating a loving environment for your baby to take his or her first breath no-one can ever push you over again. Because you have connected with your own sacred fire, your own inner strength and the infinite wisdom of your body and perhaps for the first time in your life you understand what unconditional love really is. It is my belief that if a woman can approach birth as she approaches love, is able to let go of fear and trust her body and the natural process of labour and birth, she has a much greater chance of achieving a birth experience with which she will be satisfied.

I often use the Star Child Rescue bottle at the beginning of the class, inviting the expecting mums to sit comfortably on a cushion with their back supported against the wall and bring their awareness to their breathing, then gradually bring their breathing to their abdomen and connect with their baby through their breath as if gently massaging their baby’s body. I then invite them to massage a couple of drop from the Star Child Rescue bottle onto their abdomen and connect with their baby, getting a sense of their baby’s energy which is different from their own and if this is their second pregnancy, different from the previous pregnancy. Using the colours from the star child, we invite the blue of peace in each and every cell of both the mum’s and the baby’s bodies relaxing completely and feeling a sense of peace and harmony, connecting with the breath and feeling the breath into their chest, connecting with their centre and breathing the pink of unconditional love into their heart, connecting with their baby’s heart and allowing the unconditional love flow from their heart to their baby’s heart and from their baby’s heart to their own heart. I then invite them to communicate intuitively to their baby, letting their baby know how important he or she already is in their life and how they are going to work together as a team to make his or her birth as peaceful and loving as possible and to visualise themselves at the time of labour putting in practice all they have learned with me, inviting the blue of peace and the pink of unconditional love which together mix as the violet of transformation and healing, releasing any fears or anxiety they made have about the birth and allowing this experience to be the natural enfolding of the love that created the baby in the first place.

I regularly invite partners to this class too and I have received many feedbacks throughout the years about the impact of this preparation in creating a birth in which the mother felt more confident and more trusting in her own ability, more able to let go and have faith in the wisdom of her body. Partners who attended the class felt that through this exercise they were really able to bond with their unborn baby and babies who attended my studio after the birth seem very at ease both with me and with the environment in which their mum learned these all important relaxation techniques.

I have been teaching Transition Year students for 14 years. It took me a little while to adapt my teachings to the teenagers but again I found the Aura-Soma Colour System the key to gaining their attention.

Each week I bring in the chakra set and the pomanders. We sit in a close circle around the bottles and through the bottles I am teaching them about the chakra system and they are genuinely interested and retraining the information. I then let them chose their pomander and it is very interesting to notice what they chose and how it affects their behaviour during class.

I noticed for example that on the rare occasions where I didn’t bring the Aura-Soma pomanders, I have to work twice as hard to keep their attention as they seem more easily distracted or inattentive.

The use of the chakra bottles and the pomanders not only create a channel of communication between us, it gives us a sense of connection and allows us to be on the same wave length.

This sense of belonging is often missing in our modern day lives.

The yoga combined with the Aura-Soma colours give these young ladies an opportunity to slow the pace down long enough to find out what is happening inside their body, witness the depth of their breath, discover areas of tension within their bodies and allow themselves the opportunity of simply be.

The Aura-soma colour System is a doorway through which the alchemy of Yoga can find its place, connecting body, mind and spirit, movement, breath and colours, and bringing to these young ladies valuable tools to release stress and negativity, gradually peeling off the veils that preventing them from seeing their own inner beauty and connect with their inner strength.

I am not an expert. Each time I use the aura-Soma colour system in my work, I learn something new. Each time I teach, I learn from my students. This combined practice is a very effective way to practice Soul Retrieval, slowly becoming more and more whole, more and more connected internally and externally. This connection with our Soul is to me the essence of both Yoga and the Aura-Soma Colour System. The awareness through combining the language of our Soul through the Aura-Soma Colour System with the ancient wisdom of Hatha Yoga, increases our ability to move towards freedom, to connect with our own sacredness, to hear the sacred song of our heart and to allow our individuality to come through while feeling harmonised with our selves, the world around and each other.

Marie Angeline Lascaux ©

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