Mindfulness In Action

There is nothing enlightened about playing small, nor about chasing for the ultimate goal at the expense of everyday living.

Every day brings me a deeper understanding of the magic of our bodies and their own innate ability to heal.

Everything we ever needed to know and all that is needed in order achieve oneness and heal, is buried deep within ourselves.

Our job is to find it.

And we can best achieve this by retrieving deep inside through mindfulness and meditation.

I am not talking about sitting on a cushion trying to quieten our mind but about mindfulness in action.

As you awaken in the morning, give yourself time to gather yourself in your body, to connect with your breath, to watch its rise and fall.

Turn your attention to your whole body and observe how it feels. Allow some gentle movements to emerge naturally and give these your full attention.

Don’t allow your mind to distract you. Instead bring your full focus to the breath flowing in and out of your body.

How deep is your breath? How does your body respond to it?

Is there any part of your body feeling a little tender or constricted?

Can you bring the breath to this part of your body?

How does it feel then? Is the constriction or the discomfort dissipating?

Allow your body to tell you how it wants to stretch, being very gentle and attentive to all parts and particularly those in need of extra TLC…

As you step into the shower, allow your skin to feel the warm water, its cleansing and purifying effect on your energy.

Make it your intention to allow whatever residues from previous experiences to go down the drain and remain in the shower until you feel totally refreshed and re-energised.

In choosing your clothes for the day, select the colours that compliment how you feel in this moment, and the outfit that makes you feel positive and oozing with self-confidence.

Choose to have for breakfast food that is high on energy and natural vitamins.

Sit down and take your time, tasting each mouthful fully. Do this for each meal of the day.

As you clean the dishes, feel the warm water on your hands, observe your breath and stay present to the task at hand.

Bring that same awareness into every action of the day.

When you are in company, allow yourself to really listen to what they are saying and how this makes you feel.

As you respond to them, make sure this comes from your heart. Even when you need to establish clearer boundaries with this person, ensure that your words and the tone of your voice are filled with kindness and compassion for yourself and this person.

Take time out during the day for a leisurely walk somewhere where you can connect with nature and give yourself breathing space.

As you prepare for the night, release any worries or anxiety about the day that is ending and the one ahead of you tomorrow and ask your spirit guides or guardian angels to take care of this for you.

Make yourself comfortable and scan your whole body, giving each body part full permission to release, relax and let go. Take your time. Some areas may need plenty of breath….

Finally surround yourself with your favourite colour and let your body gently slip into a restful sleep by keeping your full focus on your breathing, repeating to yourself “Breathing in I calm my whole body, breathing out I calm my whole body…”

Let me know how you get on!

May you be well and happy and free from fear.

Om Shanti


Marie Angeline Lascaux ©




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